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Sorry about the links in my posts

I'm a little slow on the  I didn't realize you could make your links clickable.  From now on, I'll make them that way.  Sometimes I am so up to date on things and other times I fall so far behind without even realizing it.


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Apartments for low income

This is a link that allows you to search for Section 8 and Subsidized housing in your area.  You can search by state and county as well as zipcode.

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House loans for low income people-fha loans

Here's information on FHA loans.  These loans are for low income people so they can own their own home too.  The loans are insured by the federal government, have low downpayments, and low monthly payments according to your income.


Here's the link for full information on these loans:

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Free Medical and Dental Clinics in US


As with any of the links I post, you will need to call the actual places and see if they still offer what they say they do.  Information changes all the time and I'm not sure how often they update it.

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Programs in Michigan that supply you with baby items, maternity clothes, and other things baby related

Genesse County Healthy Start – Flint Family Road
Healthy Start is a group of organizations that help African-American women who are pregnant or with children ages 0-2 who live in zip codes 48503, 48504, or 48458.
At FFR, women can earn “Loving Bucks” for baby needs, which earn credit to shop at the FFR store.

Shared Pregnancy 517.484.0365
Offers free maternity clothes. By joining the “Learn and Earn” program, clients can earn diapers, clothing, supplies, and equipment by taking classes and watching parenting and life skill videos.
Open from 10 a.m-4 p.m. Monday-Thursday
Open other hours by appointment only.
503 North Walnut
Lansing, MI 48933

Birthline of Jackson 517-784-9187
Pregnancy and Parenting Center
Earn “Baby Dollars” that can be used in exchange for baby supplies by attending “Earn While You Learn” lessons.
Open, 10 a.m-4 p.m Tuesday & Thursday; 10 a.m-1 p.m Saturday.
817 W. High St.
Jackson, MI 49203

Center for Women 517-787-4673
Offer free maternity clothing, baby clothing and furnishings based on a point system.
Call to schedule an appointment.
For more information call or email:
Monday: 10 a.m-7 p.m
Wednesday 10 a.m-4 p.m
Friday: 10 a.m-2 p.m
434 Wildwood Ave.
Jackson, MI 49201

Pregnancy Resource Center of Lapeer
Maternity clothing, baby clothing, cribs, car seats, play pens, high chairs, and other baby supplies available on an earned point system.
1715 Imlay City Road
Lapeer, MI 48446

Pregnancy Helpline 810-632-5656
Offer baby clothes from newborn to 4T. Also have other supplies, dependent on donations, such as car seats, cribs, highchairs.
9560 Highland Rd.
Hartland, MI

The Salvation Army – Howell 517-546-4750
Offer clothing vouchers for free or reduced cost maternity and baby clothes.
503 Lake St.
Howell, MI 48843

Birth Right of Macomb County 586-254-5930
Offers help with getting baby items.
Must call first.
45464 Van Dyke Ave.
Utica, MI 48317

Compassion Pregnancy Center, Inc. 586-783-2229
Offers material assistance in the form of maternal and baby supplies.
Monday-Friday: 10 a.m-4 p.m
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 6 p.m-8p.m
Saturday: 10 a.m-1 p.m
37540 Gratiot, Suite 100
Clinton Township, MI 48036

Baby Supplies
Directory of Community Services

Healthy Start/Healthy Families Oakland Program – Baby Pantry Program
Provides free diapers to eligible families.
Must be a client of the Healthy Start/Healthy Families Oakland Program.
If interested in receiving emails about upcoming Baby Pantry events, email
Healthy Start/Healthy Families Oakland Program – Baby Pantry Program
Provides free diapers to eligible families.
Must be a client of the Healthy Start/Healthy Families Oakland Program.
If interested in receiving emails about upcoming Baby Pantry events, email

Faith in Action 734-475-3305
Have free baby supplies available to everyone, including clothing, food, etc.
Monday-Friday, 9am-noon and 1pm-4pm.
Chelsea & Dexter residents only.
603 S. Main St, Chelsea.
House By the Side of the Road 734-971-2550
**Need a written referral from an agency like Doulas Care.
They mainly have baby clothes, but may have access to some baby furniture as well.
4133 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
10am-2pm Monday through Friday.
Best to arrive before 1:30 for enough time.

Mott Hospital's Buckle Up Program 763-2251
Car seats available (that convert from newborn to forward facing) for eligible families for $20.
Need referral and proof of Medicaid or WIC eligibility.
Call to set up an appointment.

Pregnancy Help Center 734-975-4357
Can provide baby supplies such as cribs, diapers, clothing (from infant to 5T), as well as baby cereals.
Most clients are WIC-eligible, but WIC-eligibility is not required.
By registering, clients may be eligible for a pack n’ play or bassinet for the baby to sleep in.
3150 Packard St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Tuesday 1-4pm
Thursday 9:30-11:30am
Saturday 10am-1pm
Shannon Richards 734-544-2984

Maternal Infant Health Program
Washtenaw County Health Dept
Can provide in home social work, nurse and dietician visits and help connect to instrumental support.

The Lennon Center 313-277-5637
All baby necessities are available, including cribs, car seats, strollers, walkers, baby swings, diapers, and formula. Household items are given when available.
Open 8:30 a.m- 3 p. m. Monday-Friday
24275 Ann Arbor Trail
Dearborn Heights, MI 48128

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Need Furniture? Try Furniture banks

I found this website today that lists all the furniture banks across the United States.  I thought it would be useful to post the link to the listings so people that need furniture can find out if there is a bank near you.

Here's the link:

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tigerlily1973   in reply to carmelapples1   on

About carmelapples1

So terribly sorry you have to go through this terrible situation.  Try and keep the faith and keep your head up.  First thing I would do is try to get assistance from social services or hud or section 8 to help get you stabilized while looking for employment.  The second thing is look over your divorce contract.  My husband wasn't allowed to move my daughter out of the state we lived in without my written consent.  If he did, I would have to report it right away and he would get in trouble.  Also my contract states that I get so much time visitation and written correspondance and if he violated that he would get in trouble. And the last thing I found out from my horrible divorce is you have to go to court in the state the child is a resident of.  They have to be living there for 6 months to qualify as a resident.  So the next time he tries to up and move away from you , check your divorce papers and see if he's doing anything illegal.  Then check into a legal aid office where you live to have them stop him from moving.  If you keep following him all over the country because of the kids it will continue to ruin you finacially. 

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tigerlily1973   in reply to fundsplease   on

About fundsplease

There are places around you say they offer free clothing.  They do not specifically say school uniforms though.  They might be able to refer you to another program that they know of that provides school uniforms though.  I also saw a program called Operation School Bell which is a program run through the assistance league of houston. They say that you have to talk to the school counselor and be referred by them for this program but they will buy school uniforms for needy kids. They have an assistance league of dallas also but I'm not sure if they provide the same services as the one in Houston.  I'll give you the number for the one in Houston and you can see if they run this program and how to get assistance if they do.



Assistance League of Houston

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
1902 Commonwealth
Houston, Texas 77006-1836
Telephone 713-526-7983
Fax 713-522-6632


Here are the other programs in your area that say they provide free clothing


Brady Social Center

4009 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75226
214-826-8330    Main     Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm
214-826-8579    FAX
They have these two other branches as well
4906 Bonnie View
Dallas, TX 75241


Phone: 214-375-0133
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-Noon, 1:00pm-5:00pm



2827 Lapsley Street
Dallas, TX 752124496



Phone: 214-638-4997

Mon-Fri 9:00am-Noon, 1:00pm-5:00pm


  Crossroads Community Services 
Clothing complete outfit for all members of the household once every other month.
1822 Young Street, 2nd floor
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 214-741-1385
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30 am through 12:00 noon come early 6:00am to get in line- only 50 families can be served each day


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tigerlily1973   in reply to PrettyPlease   on

About PrettyPlease

Here's a couple of clinics I found online that say they perform dental services.  They are supposed to be free:

Mercy Clinic Downtown

 424 Decatur Street

Atlanta, GA, 30312



Dental Care Services, Enabling Services, Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Other Professional Services, Primary Medical Care, Specialty Medical Care


 West End Medical Center

868 York Avenue, SW
Atlanta, GA, 30318


Dental Care Services, Enabling Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Other Professional Services, Primary Medical Care, Specialty Medical Care


Here's the website where I found these two clinics...

They have a bunch more so maybe you could find one located closer to you.



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You might be able to qualify for an FHA loan.  Here's a link that will give you all the information about an FHA loan.

I have been looking into it for a friend and from what I've been able to understand about them is that they are for low income people and even people with bad credit have been able to obtain them.

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tigerlily1973   in reply to kasandra   on

About kasandra

Even though you didn't qualify for rent assistance or day care you might still be eligible for foodstamps, they set the income limits higher for that program.

I found this program that might be able to help you


State of N J Community Affairs Department: Rental Assistance Program
7 Sussex Ave # 1
Morristown, NJ 07960-3892
(973) 631-6285
Here's a list of foodbanks where you would be able to get some food to help out.

Interfaith Food Pantry

 - - (973) 538-8049 - More

Community Food Bank of Nj

 - - (908) 355-3663 - More

St Mary's Food Pantry

 - - (973) 831-4442 - More

Food Bank For New York City

 - - (212) 566-7855 - More

Loaves & Fishes Interfaithfood Pantry

 - - (973) 253-8557 - More

St Matthew Trinity Lutheran

 - - (201) 659-4499 - More

Community Food Bank

 - - (908) 353-7625 - More

Human Needs Food Pantry

 - - (973) 746-4669 - More

Pickles Olives Etc.

 - - (212) 717-8966 - 6 reviews

Food Bank Network of Somerset County

 - - (732) 560-1813 - More
I always reccommend freecycle for clothes, furniture, toys and things like that.
Just type in your city and state and it should bring up the one closest to your area.  You would be amazed at the things people will give away on there.  You can also post a wanted message and might be able to get specific things you need.
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tigerlily1973   in reply to ChynaBlack77   on

About ChynaBlack77

I found a couple of more places that say they offer rental assistance

Catholic Charities  of San Berdino/riverside

site: High Desert

16051 Kasota Road

Suite 700

Apple Valley, CA



Westside Community Service Center

1505 W. Highland Ave

San Bernadino, CA


I also found this place that says they help with electric bills

Desert Manna Ministries


209 N. First Ave

Barstow, Ca

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tigerlily1973   in reply to mslee   on

About mslee

I don't know how close you are to this but it's a free dental clinic in your area.


Jefferson County Department of Health


5720 First Avenue North
Birmingham, AL, 35212



 Notes: Year round
Please call for detaild information.


Contact number: 




Services :
Service Types: Dental Care Services, Enabling Services, Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Other Professional Services, Primary Medical Care, Specialty Medical Care.


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tigerlily1973   in reply to Mom-of-2-needs-help   on

hello my post didnt show right sorry

You can try places like the rescue mission, catholic charities, united way ect.

Catholic Charities: 


American Red Cross:


Phone: 615-250-4300


Here's the number for the local Lupus Chapter.  They might know of programs specifically geared to you:


 LFA, Mid-South Chapter - Nashville, TN 615-298-2273, Toll Free 877-865-8787 (within AL, KY, and TN)


And the Rescue Mission does not list phone numbers but directions instead.  I don't know if you can find them in your phone book but here's a link to the page where they are located.


When I used to live in Nashville, our church used to help those in need.  You could try calling some local churches and see if any of them can help you.  

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tigerlily1973   in reply to Algernon72   on

About Algernon72

I found this organization that helps vetern's and current people serving in the military.  They give out financial aid to help with bills and other stuff.


Here's the link to their page:


It tells you what you need to qualify and how to apply and stuff.  Good luck to you and thanks for you dedication and service.

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tigerlily1973   in reply to shell7   on

About shell7

Find the college that you are interested in and talk to their financial aide office.  They have pell grants, tap, and student loans you can apply for to cover the cost of your college. 
They also have a book on all the scholarships you can apply for at your college.


As far as a job, the best place I have found for work at home jobs is this site:


Go to where it says WAHM business and services...under there are groups that hire from home and the people on the board will review them.  They tell you what their experience was working for these companies, if they pay, what you get paid, ect..

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tigerlily1973   in reply to michlove9   on

About michlove9

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Home Ownership Services

Home Ownership Services may help prevent loss of a home, providing services such as:

  • House payments (mortgage or land contract payments), including principal, interest, legal fees and escrow for taxes and insurance
  • Property taxes and fees
  • Mobile home lot rent for owners or purchasers of mobile homes
  • Insurance coverage required by a mortgage or land contract.


The lifetime Home Ownership Services maximum is $2000. The lifetime maximum is the combined cumulative total of all home ownership service payments. Home Ownership Services cannot be approved if the emergency was client-caused. The total amount of taxes past due for all years does not exceed $2,000.


A client-caused emergency is when an SER group fails to pay required payments for the six-month period prior to the month of application. Good cause may exist (except for property taxes) as a basis for an applicant’s failure to prevent an emergency.


Only a DHS Specialist can accurately determine your eligibility for this program. Ask for details when turning in a completed application at your local DHS County Office. 


Here's a link to find one in your county:,1607,7-124-5461---,00.html


This is a link to a program that can assist  you with heating bills and electric bills:,1607,7-124-5453_5531-15420--,00.html

There's also this program in Michigan that your daughter might be able to get approved for (For the following two programs it tells you to call your local dhs county office to apply, I gave that link above under the heating program):

 Family Independence Program (FIP)
The main goal of the FIP program is to help families become independent and self-supporting. FIP is temporary cash assistance for struggling or lower income families with pregnant women or minor children. FIP helps these families pay for living expenses such as heat, rent, food, utilities, clothing, and personal care items. In addition, FIP applicants and recipients may be assigned to the Jobs, Education and Training (JET) program for assistance in finding a job or ways to develop needed job skills. Help with childcare, transportation, and other needs related to training and employment may be provided.

Here's the link that shows eligibility requirements for the above program:,1607,7-124-5453_5526-21229--,00.html



also this one:

Food Assistance Program (FAP) Group
Eligibility for the Food Assistance Program will depend on the financial situation of all members of the household group. All persons who live in the household and purchase and prepare food together will be considered to be members of the same FAP group


This is a link for the above program that shows eligibility requirements:,1607,7-124-5453_5527-13176--,00.html


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Techniques to fight anxiety

 in response to Rosie327...   

Thank you so much for responding to me.  It's kind of funny the things that should be common sense or obvious that you don't think of.  I can knit and crochet and I get very relaxed doing it.  I felt a huge duh moment when you mentioned that.  I also like the idea of counting certain color cars and the lightposts.  My therapist a long time back told me to take trips in sections.  To focus on 1/4 of the way and then when I got there to make another checkpoint about 1/4 the way more and keep going until I got there.  The problem with that was about the 1/2 way point, my mind kept imagining the distance I had already traveled and focused on far it was I think with counting, it won't put the focus on distance so much.  I appreciate your kind words and hopefully look forward to updating my blog at that time with a success story.

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Techniques to fight anxiety

I have to go to the dentist on August 5th.  I'm trying really hard not to work myself up about it.  It is a mile outside of my comfort zone and I will probably have to spend an hour there.  This is something I have not done in 8 years.  When I get outside my comfort zone I start shaking and tearing up.  No matter how much I try to redirect my thoughts and focus, I end up loosing it.  The techniques I use are: positive thoughts, rubber band on my wrist, mp3 player, book for reading, and my deep breathing exercises.  I was wondering if any of you who might suffer from agoraphobia or anxiety disorders might have some techniques I haven't thought of.  I just really want to go and accomplish this task.

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tigerlily1973   in reply to ChynaBlack77   on

About ChynaBlack77

Here's a link for California freecycle:

It has people in your area who give stuff away for free.  I've seen a lot of furniture in these groups and household items as well as clothes and things of that nature.  

Call SSDI and ask them about their ticket to work program.  I'm not sure if they have it also but SSI has it.  They send you a ticket and about 6 pages of companies that will employed disabled people.  They have at least 3 different companies that are work from home and are legit.

This website link shows a list of agencies in California that can help you with your utility bills.



This link is for a one time rental assistance help:

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